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Dan Merrell, artist
Dan Merrell, artist
I have been drawing all of my life but did not paint anything of consequence until my senior year at Abilene Christian University. My major was Business Administration because I was told “you can’t make a living at art”. I did not think I could paint because I hated working with crayons (and staying within the lines). My roommate bought a small set of oil paints and painted some miniature pictures for his family for Christmas because he couldn’t afford “real gifts”. I was in the same boat and decided to try it. I really enjoyed painting but did not like the slowness of the oil paints to dry.

While in the Air Force, I continued to try my hand at oil paints and slowly moved to acrylics and then to water colors.

I lost all sense of practicality in the Air Force and decided that I wanted to go to the University of Texas at Austin to study art. The professors there hated everything I did which was good because it made me learn to critique myself and do what I liked, not what they wanted me to do.

Upon graduation in 1977, I stayed in Austin, Texas and started displaying my work at art shows to make a living. At some of the shows people would comment on my unique custom frames and asked me to frame something for them. I am fortunate to be able to make a living now by doing things I love to do—paint and frame.

Hill Country Autumn by Dan Merrell



some of My latest paintings

In the Shadows of the Pines by Dan Merrell
Soaring by Dan Merrell
Blue Jay in Yaupon
Red-Tailed Hawk


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